I used to pride myself on the ability to multitask, just as most women do I suppose. But I shit you not when I saw the whole multitasking bizzo has gone made, almost insane with me, and I know that I am not the only one!

The ability to just sit and be now is a concept that is rare and also hard for most of the people I know to undertake. I definitely think it has a link to our mobile phone and social media usage but I’m a bit time poor to locate any actual evidence to back up my claim. Picture me the other night for instance, kids were in bed, Hubby making his lunch for the next day and me sitting on the couch with the TV on. I was crocheting Princess her blanket when I received a text message, and BAM, here’s where it all starts. So I am sitting there, watching TV while crocheting, texting back a friend who has asked me a question, then getting on my ipad to answer said question, all the while asking Hubby for his advice too. I mean, what the actual hell!! FIVE THINGS at once!!


And to bring my point home people, I will take you to me, sitting here right now! I am typing away here, while I have the TV on in the background (Ellen if you must know), in the background I am loading and editing photos, Facebook is open to check what else is going on in Bloggy land, I’m receiving text messages off my SIL while she has the kids in the city for the day, all the while between keyboard strokes I am also eating lunch and checking instagram occasionally! SEVEN THINGS people seven!! Please tell me I’m not alone in this??

What happened to the days of having a child free day and just sitting reading a book or watching a movie and nothing else!!?? I’m not sure what compels me to multitask to the point where I don’t have enough hands to complete the tasks, maybe it has something to do with being time poor and always wanting to feel connected to the virtual world? Whatever it is, I’m logging off right now so that I can eat my lunch without multitasking.

Thinking in words

A couple of weeks ago, I wondered what the point of this blog was anymore. It’s been a shitty few weeks, not necessarily for me, but for friends and people who I admire. Some shitty things happen to good people you know? Both in the real world and the online world all the time, doesn’t make it right though does it?

I spoke of being plankton in the blog world not too long ago, and I really wanted to change that this year. One of my goals was to blog more regularly and even try to get myself nominated for the Kidspot Voices of 2015. I wanted to build my ‘reach’ here and over on Facebook, and continue to build my little community here. But why? Why, why, why?

When I sit back and look at it all, one of the main reasons for me is that I think in words. I always have. At a young age, I used to lock myself away in the study and type on my typewriter fanciful stories. I even remember in Year 7, I gave my novel to a friend to read., she loved it so much, that in Art that year she designed a front cover for it. Writing that novel became consuming, I would think about the words I would write when I got home, the characters became part of my life, to me they were as real as the people sitting next to me.

Most days, no matter what I am doing, I am thinking about writing. I write and edit in my own head. Sometimes I get the chance to come here and get it all down, but sometimes life as a mother of two little people and a teacher takes over. I take photos and when I see an amazing one pop up on the viewfinder, I just cant wait to share it, because you know, printing photos these days is almost non-existent.

And if I go even deeper, like soul searching deep, at the base of it all is my longing to be accepted and to create bonds with like minded people. I want friendships for myself outside my normal circle. Sometimes I have been accepted and welcomed with open arms, even if only partially. And sometimes, ignored altogether, even by people who I thought I had a connection with. But, I can be proud in the fact that I

I will keep writing, because I love it, it makes me happy and it is my creative outlet. I will still set goals, even if they are unlikely to be obtained. And I will continue to be proud of little, old introverted me for putting myself out there, and reaching out to people. Whatever happens from here on in, only time will tell xx