Who is No.2?

Welcome to Life at no2, it’s where we live, who we are, what we do and where we go (and named after our house number!). And I’m Bel! Mumma to two, wife to one, chief memory keeper, photo taker and of course, blogger!

Here you’ll find no manicured lawns, truth be told we have fake grass. I’m your average chick, living in average suburbia probably just like you! You won’t find any pictures of my immaculately styled home either, most days toys are strewn around, mud from Hubby’s work boots adorn my floors, and there are probably remnants of two minute noodles and rice on the floor (it’s way easier to leave and clean up when they have dried out no?). No fashion posts either, I wear my Mummy uniform with pride (including leggings sometimes as pants, don’t worry, I make sure they are good quality and cover up all my bits!), with hair chucked up in a quick pony or bun, style personified ha!

Yep, I’m totally your average Mumma, living a totally average life in Victoria between Melbourne and Ballarat. But adverseness aside, gosh we are having oh so much fun along the way!

Life at no2 is a place for me to unleash my inner creative by writing about our life here at no2, taking photographs, sharing what’s on my mind and creating a sense of community with my readers.

Make sure to say hi when you pop by, I’m super friendly and always love to make new friends along my blogging journey

Bel x

Bel + Sarah + Family -- 0048.jpg

Life at no2 was born from Bel’s original blog A Mums Reality

12 thoughts on “Who is No.2?

  1. Hi Bel!!! I’ve finally found your page!! You write beautifully!!! Good for you lady!! I’m not sure where we are writing about our mummies or grandmothers but I feel like sharing now.

    When I was young I remember fondly my mum’s everyday little ritual after she would get out of the shower. I would sit on the bed and watch her as she would rub lotion on her entire body. Although she had lumps and bumps, I remember that this moment where she would take 3 mins out of her day to nourish herself. I think it taught me to love the skin your in and have a quiet confidence in your body regardless of what shape you are.

    That’s instilled in me to this day and may also be why I justify my Body Shop obsession to my partner.

    At night when I would take comfort in ma, I would always be able to smell her lotion and it stills reminds me of her to this day.

    Love you mama xx

    • Ah Mo, so glad you found me and even happier you shared that beautiful moment with me! I actually had a tear. I love that the memory has stuck with you and taught you something over the years xx

  2. Great photos, found you through twitter and you have a great natural eye. Good on you for sharing you images, words thoughts.

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