Morning Routines

As Term 4 has began, we’ve started slipping into some bad habits with our morning routine. These bad habits (including pressing snooze, kids sneaking into bed with me when Hubby leaves and not going back to sleep, watching TV while eating breakfast and sitting in the lounge room, and making lunches in the morning) have meant we are leaving home later and later than we normally would as each day passes.

Leaving later hasn’t bothered me as much as the impact our mornings have been having on the start to our days. I’ve become naggy-mum, meaning that none of us are really leave home feeling refreshed, happy and ready to tackle the day ahead with enthusiasm. You know what I’m talking about don’t you Mumma?

Time to make some changes!

  • First change was that the kids now have their own alarms, which are set for 6:50, still allowing them time to jump into my bed for a morning snuggle (it’s my favourite part of the day!). Ragamuffin has a Gro Clock and Princess uses the alarm on her Vivofit jr. to wake her.
  • On Sunday afternoon I batch bake at least two things for the kids lunches during the week, this week it was blueberry muffins and mini quiches. Plus, any fruit or things such as kabana that can be cut up at the beginning of the week is.
  • I prep the lunch boxes the night before, including having drink bottles filled, sandwiches made, fruit cut up, and dry snacks ready to add in.
  • Clothes/uniforms are laid out on the ends of bed the night before (this also includes for me, gosh this seems to make a huge difference to my mornings!).
  • No TV! Instead the radio goes on. If anyone has a great radio station that plays more music in the mornings, let me know!
  • We eat at the kitchen table together and chat about our day ahead, this has also become a favourite part of our day.
  • We each have our own morning routine. For me this is crucial! Princess gets dressed as soon as she gets wakes and makes her bed (while I am organising breakfast), then she eats, brushes teeth and does her hair, then finishes off with packing her bag. Ragamuffin’s routine is the same but in a different order…..mainly to prevent them brushing their teeth at the same time, which always seems to end in a fight!


What are your tips for getting out of the house on time and without turning into naggy-mum? Also, any good radio stations for us to try?