Podcasts you might not have listened to

Following up from my post last week about changing mindset, gym has been still something I have been making a priority. But lately I have been feeling less than inspired by my playlist. It actually just started to feel like ‘noise’ to me, like the noise I was trying to escape! I figured that music might not be the answer for me, so I turned to Podcasts instead. I like listening to Podcasts at the gym, it kinda feels like I’m having a conversation with an old friend, like it’s adult talk time!

So here a couple of great ones I’ve been listening to lately, lots of which are on the Mamamia Podcast Network so you can find them all in one place!

I don’t know how she does it!

The title says it all, how does she do it? Find you favorited celebrities and find out whether they actually can do it all, strategies for how they balance motherhood and careers.

The Well 

This is my go-to Podcast, I just love it! Robyn Bailey and Rebecca Sparrow talk everything from friendship, to grief, to raising grateful children. I feel like they are my friends and I’m having a great conversation with them.

The Slow Home Podcast

Brooke McAlary interviews people about how they have approached simply living in todays fast paced world. Brooke also A Slow Home Monthly Tasks/Experiment that she reports back on, these are probably my favourite!

The Mummy Soul Sessions

Lots of bloggers out there have started to dabble in the area of podcasts, and Karin is one them who has smashed it. I love listening to her and her interviews with various women who give you a laugh and food for thought.

Dumbo Feather

Episode 2 just got me! You have to have a listen!

The Nitty Gritty Commitee

Love Meshel Laurie and love her podcast just as much. And for all those bloggers out there or people who have followed along with Julia Watson’s story, have a listen to her most recent podcast.

The Howie Games

Now, I’m throwing this one in there as Hubby’s recommendation but have to admit his choice isn’t that bad. Interviews we amazing sports stars and getting to the bottom of some of those headlines we all see.


Even though I’ve only listed three, these tend to keep me going at the gym. In the next few weeks though I’m going to be looking for some new ones to add, any suggestions??





12 thoughts on “Podcasts you might not have listened to

  1. Tanya says:

    My husband loves podcasts. I feel I don’t have time for them. Before my son came along, I used to listen to Japanese language podcasts, teaches you a bit of language, some customs and other things about travelling there. Listened to them a lot before going to Japan.
    Might have to get back into listening! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • lifeatno2 says:

      I find it hard to listen to them any other time than at the gym. Hubby listens to them in the car on his way to and from work and in between sites, but I don’t have a commute. Language podcasts, now that’s interesting!

  2. Erika @ Ever-changing Life of a Mum says:

    I love podcasts too and the Slow Your Home podcast is also one of my favourites! There are several others I like – usually parenting, mindfulness, slow living – but they seem to be taking a break for a bit. I often pop one on when I get home from school drop off in the morning and need to get some cleaning done … I find it much more enjoyable than silence or even music sometimes. #teamIBOT

  3. theplumbette says:

    I honestly fall asleep during podcasts if they are anymore than 10 mins long. Which sounds terrible. I really want to listen to the slow your home one by Brooke though because I just read her new book and loved it.

  4. Jo @ Countrylifeexperiment says:

    I love Young House Love Has A Podcast, and the Christ Loves Julia Podcast – both DIY / home design podcasts. My Open Kitchen by Sophie Hansen of Local Is Lovely blog is a great one about food, local producers and farmers, and social media, that speaks to both C and me since we are farmers ourselves. The kids love Short and Curly which is an ethics podcast by the ABC, and Brains On which is a science podcast.

  5. Kylie Purtell says:

    When I was running I realised after about the first half of my first run that I needed more than music to listen to, I needed distraction. And podcasts were perfect. When I’m listening to music there is nothing to take my mind off the thoughts of “I’m dying” and “how much longer do I have to go?”, whereas with podcasts I’m concentrating on the conversation and it’s so much better. My favourite for running is actually listening to Hamish & Andy podcasts of their show because I don’t get to hear them on the radio, and because I find their silly humour the best distraction! I am definitely going to be checking out some of these, they sound right up my ally!

  6. annette @afrenchcollection says:

    I love getting inspired by Problogger via its podcasts. It seems the easiest way to educate and inspire myself at the same time when I have a few spare moments. My BIG goal this year is to do podcasts of my posts so that the visually impaired can also enjoy what I love about France and all things French. I am in discussions with the Blind Society (Newcastle) about the best way of expressing myself and delivering the content. Feeling daunted I must say but excited to be finally committing to this goal.

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